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The Hawk 5 (five place) Gyroplane brings to aviation a unique aircraft with many utilitarian qualities. The Hawk’s performance and exceptional versatility also offer a safe and affordable alternative to helicopters and airplanes in many applications. The aircraft’s simple, robust, design translates into lower operating costs than any comparable turbine powered helicopter. The wide operating speed range, from 46 - 162 mph, of this highly maneuverable gyroplane also ensures the Hawk 5 a new niche in the aviation marketplace. The Hawk 5 design, intended for series production following certification, incorporates modifications gained from GBA’s experience with its Hawk 4 (four place) prototype. These include a weight reduction program and an extended cabin that will permit an additional passenger. The Hawk 4 was an integral part of security during the 2002 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games. The Hawk 4, during its operational period for the Utah Olympic Public Safety Command (UOPSC), was available 24-7, completed 67 missions and accumulated 75 hours of maintenance free flight time. The production model Hawk 5 Gyroplane offers many improvements to this already impressive aircraft. Most notably are: higher capacity; vertical take-off and landing; a marked increase in useful load, range and endurance; and higher maximum and cruise speeds. Easy to fly and always in autorotation, the Hawk 5 offers uncompromising safety in the realm of flight.

Hawk4 in Arizona
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GBA announced in December, 2006 that a Memorandum of Understanding has been signed with the government of Aragón, Spain to form a joint venture (JV) to complete FAA certification, production, marketing, and delivery of GBA’s Hawk 5 Gyroplane. The intent of the parties is that the JV will acquire from GBA for an as yet undisclosed sum, the Hawk 5 program including its derivative gyroplane aircraft designs and technologies. It will fund GBA to complete FAA certification of the Hawk 5 Gyroplane on behalf of the JB in the United States, commence setting up new as well as re-establishing existing Hawk Gyroplane dealerships throughout the world, while taking advance orders, and build and operate a factory in Aragón, Spain for world wide deliveries. Please click here on “Spain” to view the related News Release.

Hawk4 on the Runway
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Hawk 5 Provisional Facts and Figures
Performance specifications are at sea level,
standard temperature and pressure.
Designer & Manufacturer Groen Brothers Aviation, Inc.
Salt Lake City, Utah, USA
Type of Aircraft VOTL gyroplane
Missions Utility/passenger transport
Airborne law enforcement
Air surveillance
Aerial application
Power Plant Rolls-Royce Model 250 C20S (420shp) gas turbine
Rotor Blade 42 ft. - 2 blade system
Fuselage Length 24 ft.
Height 13.5 ft.
Fuel Capacity 100 gal.
Max. Gross Weight 3,500 lbs.
Useful Load 1,525 lbs.
Rate of Climb (ft./min.) 1,500
Max. Speed (VNE) 162 mph (140 kts)
Cruise Speed 140 mph (122 kts)
Service Ceiling 16,000 ft.
Range at Cruise 508 miles (no reserve)
Endurance 5 hours (no reserve)
Seats 5
Projected Operating Costs


Oil/Lubricants $3.60
Maintenance Labor*


Parts, Airframe*


Engine Overhaul*


Propeller Overhaul*


Dynamic Comp. Life Ltd Parts*


Direct Operating Costs (per hour)


*Set-asides for periodic overhauls and all interim maintenance costs - $/hr.

These projected direct operating costs for the Hawk 4 are 22% to 32% less than comparable turbine powered rotorcraft according to information obtained from Conklin & de Decker.